Lifetime Exterior Coatings

What is a Lifetime Exterior Coating ?

It is a lifetime exterior coating that is applied to the exterior of your wood or stucco home instead of regular paint. Rather than having to paint every 4-5 years to keep your home looking fresh and beautiful this product is designed to last you a lifetime. 

Why Lifetime Paint?

If you are tired of painting your home every few years to maintain your home's appearance this is the product for you. Many times thicker than ordinary paint and containing special reflective pigments that can actually keep your home cooler in the summer. 

Installation Process

Trench home around perimeter so there will be no paint lines at the foundation. Pressure wash the home to remove loose paint and debris. Repair and patch wall cracks and breaks. Detailed masking to ensure clean and tight finish. Apply Lifetime primer. Apply Lifetime finish coat. Scrape trim to remove loose paint and debris. Apply Lifetime trim coating. Clean up job site. NEVER PAINT AGAIN.